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Introducing Top 5 Tampa Bay Homes

Top 5 Tampa Bay Homes

These are the best homes for sale on a weekly basis. You can vote on your favorite home and be part of nominating the home of the week. Let’s Make Florida Your Home. Stay tuned to vote on the top 5 this week.

Verify and calculate your home affordability

Are you dreaming of buying a home and wondering how much you’ll pay upfront? You are not alone. Most prospective buyers often wonder how much it costs to buy a home and if it is indeed affordable. Leverage our Fairway Cash Guarantee!

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There isn’t a straightforward answer because many factors come into play. They include your income, down payment, and other outstanding debts. Despite this, you should only settle for the best price that meets your needs.

We have a home affordability calculator that will make your work easy. It examines key aspects of your finances and tells you how much you will spend on your dream home.

Interested in learning about becoming a resident in Florida or moving there? Read more.

All homes nominated in the top 5 are covered with a free home warranty

Verify and calculate your home affordability

Find The Right Mortgage

For more than 20 years, Phil have been helping customers achieve their home purchase and refinance goals by providing them with invaluable resources and support.

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